May 28, 2013
Zero Hour to return next month, starring Jacinda Barrett and Carmen Ejogo

For those of you waiting for the return of Zero Hour to ABC, for the remaining episodes of the series, that wait is almost over. Zero Hour will return to ABC on Saturday, June 15 at 8pm ET, with two episodes. The show will then continue at the same time every week, with single episodes, until the two-hour series finale on August 3.

The upcoming episode, titled Chain, sees White Vincent still in hiding and holding Laila captive. Laila convinces White Vincent to let her help him with his wounds, all the while looking for an opportunity to escape. Realizing he needs help to get the next clock, White Vincent enlists Hank, bartering Laila's release for his service. Hank comes to realize that people aren't always who they seem, when shocking new information about his wife - and the death of Beck's husband - comes to light.

As well as starring Jacinda Barrett as Laila Galliston and Carmen Ejogo as Rebecca "Beck" Riley, Zero Hour also stars Anthony Edwards as Hank Galliston, Scott Michael Foster as Arron Martin, Addison Timlin as Rachel Lewis and Michael Nyqvist as White Vincent.

There will also be guest appearances from Dylan Baker as FBI Chief Terrance Fisk, Grace Gummer as FBI Agent Paige Willis, Ken Leung as Father Reggie, Dominik Tiefenthaler as Adam the groundsman, Andy Powers as W. Craig, Andrew Polk as Thomas Klein and George Bartenieff as Old Man Kipske.


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