August 30, 2017
Zendaya gives her top red carpet beauty tips

Young and talented entertainment star Zendaya has been working in the business for many years now, despite her relatively young age, and we have watched her growing into a beautiful young woman. Zendaya has already walked many red carpets during her career to date and will no doubt walk plenty more, with the stunning star now sharing some of her beauty secrets for a successful red carpet experience.

Zendaya explained, "Sheet masks! I actually have a bunch of them. The one I use on a particular day just depends on how my skin is feeling. If my skin is trippin' and I have a few zits, I'll use one that fights acne. If my skin is dry, I'll use a hydrating mask. If my skin is super oily, I'll skip the hydrating one. I just go to Sephora and buy a whole bunch and switch them up."
She added, "Sometimes you find products that you love so much that you just keep rocking with them. From moisturiser to body soap. I've used a bunch of edge controls, lately. But this one works really well. This one [Curls] I got because I saw how well it works on Trinitee Stokes, who plays my little sister on 'K.C. Undercover.' It keeps those curls defined!"
We have enjoyed watching the rise in the career of Zendaya and we are looking forward to seeing plenty more from her in the future, and we are especially interested to see just how big a role her character is going to have in the future Spider-Man movies. Keep up the good work, Zen.


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