September 10, 2012
Zachary Quinto has faith in J.J. Abrams to make bigger, bolder Star Trek sequel

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto has revealed that he has every faith in director J.J. Abrams to make a much bigger and bolder Star Trek sequel. Zachary has finished his work on the movie for now but admits that he knows the project is in perfectly safe hands.

Quinto explained to The Wrap, “It was bigger.  It was bolder, I think, than the first one, and that was pretty big and bold from my stand point. I’m really excited to see what they do with it. I feel like, you know, my work is done on the movie right now and until we have to go and promote it, then my work remains done.”

He added, “I let J.J. and his incredible team of people get in there and do the work that they need to do now. I feel very fulfilled, but I don’t feel particularly attached to what the outcome of that project will be because I have faith in the people that I was collaborating with to make it as good as it can be.”

Zachary Quinto can be seen reprising his role as Spock, alongside Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Benedict Cumberbacht, when Star Trek 2 is released in both the US and the UK on May 17, 2013.


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