March 15, 2013
Zach Braff went to the zoo to prepare for Oz the Great and Powerful role

Disney are loving their big screen adaptation of classic stories at the moment and it is easy to see why, when you consider how much money these movies are making them. The latest movie they have released is Oz the Great and Powerful, which needed to hit big at the box office to make profit on the $200m budget.

Fortunately, Oz the Great and Powerful has already made back an incredible $162m in its first week. One of the stars of the movie, Zach Braff, has been talking about how he prepared for his role as the monkey Finley, saying that he took a trip to the zoo for inspiration.

Braff was doing a question and answer session for the movie, when he said, "The monkey’s not in the books, so I don’t know what I’d be looking for. I did go to the zoo because I thought that would be something an actor would do," whether or not he was joking is unclear but it certainly sounds like a novel idea.

There has already been talk of an Oz the Great and Powerful sequel being made, with all of the main cast admitting that they would be interested in returning for the film. However, director Sam Raimi has ruled him self out of directing Oz the Great and Powerful 2.

Who do you think should replace Sam Raimi as director of Oz the Great and Powerful 2.


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