June 4, 2015
Will Josh Boone ever get around to directing Pretenders?

A couple of years back, talk began to spread of the new Josh Boone movie project Pretenders and there were a lot of people who were getting very excited about the film. Josh had been working hard on the script for Pretenders and the project looked like it was moving along nicely, with a cast coming together and everyone involved eager to get production underway.
It looked like Josh Boone was all set to direct Pretenders, with suggestions that the project was finally going to shoot in 2014. Unfortunately though, the movie never got into production and Pretenders has not yet got off the ground. So will we actually get to see Josh Boone directing Pretenders any time soon?
There was quite a lot of talk about the movie Pretenders, with the actors and actresses linked to the project even talking about it in their interviews. While we do not exactly know a huge amount about the plot of Pretenders, we do know that it was going to be set around a love triangle involving an actress, a director, and a photographer.
The movie also managed to have a very impressive cast put together, with Pretenders signing up such Hollywood stars as Imogen Poots, Dianna Agron, David Schwimmer, Michael B. Jordan, Anton Yelchin, and Thomas Dekker, among others. Can you just imagine how great this film could be with such a strong cast?
We would love to see Pretenders finally getting made and hope to get some positive news on the project soon. However, with Josh Boone having such a busy schedule, we could be in for a long wait!


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