August 7, 2014
Will Barbara Palvin have a movie career beyond Hercules?‏

There have been so many times that we have seen models deciding to try their hand at the acting game and showing their talents off on the big screen and, while some of these models have proven that they really do lack any real acting talent, there are others that have actually gone on to have very successful acting careers. So, which way will things go for the young and beautiful model Barbara Palvin.
Despite the fact that she is still only 20 years old, Barbara Palvin has already enjoyed a very successful modelling career, working with some of the biggest and best names in the modelling world. However, Barbara decided that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of so many successful models before her and try her hand at the acting industry, by making her big screen movie debut in the film Hercules.
Barbara Palvin was not the only model to make her big screen debut in Hercules, as Irina Shayk also appeared in the film. While Irina has confirmed that she has plans to continue her acting career, even going as far as to say she would love to play a Russian spy in her next film, we have not really heard too much about Barbara Palvin's plans.
With that said, we are almost certain that Barbara Palvin will continue to focus most of her efforts on her modelling career, while we are also sure that she would jump at the chance to appear in another movie in the future. Watch this space!
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