April 30, 2015
Will Ashley Greene be the next celebrity to walk down the aisle?

Ashley Green and her boyfriend, actor Paul Khoury spend Xmas 2014 together during which time he gave her a platinum Cartier ring in the jeweller's iconic red box (Daily Mail - April 27). The ring is a type that is often used as an engagement ring and while she did not announce that she had become engaged some entertainment observers believe that it was an engagement ring, especially considering that men are generally not in the habit of giving rings to women unless they have a special meaning or significance. 
Some entertainment observers believe that the beautiful actress might be the next actress to walk down the aisle in 2015, especially considering that it has become en vogue for Hollywood celebrities to have low-key or 'secret' engagements and then follow it up with a 'private' wedding that the media finds out about at the last minute or by a Twitter post from the bride or groom. 
The 'surprise' wedding plans are what took place for Ian Somerhalder and her Twitter acting colleague Nikki Reed and fans and entertainment insiders who saw the recent photo of her looking relaxed and casually spectacular in tight floral trousers and white tie-up pocket t-shirt while walking hand-in-hand with her boyfriend suspect that this might be the plan she has for her wedding.
One of the signs that she could soon be getting married is that she seems to have finished filming each of her four projects that are scheduled for release in the next two years and has no new projects scheduled or announced for the rest of 2015.
She has a well-earned reputation as a workaholic actress who since her appearance in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" in 2012 has filmed nine projects. Thus when she has no film projects awaiting filming that is something that suggests to some entertainment insiders that she might be planning something big such as a wedding.
There has been no 'announcements' about her getting married but Ashley Greene is an actress who with her 'open' work schedule is showing all the 'signs' of a celebrity who might be soon getting married. 


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