October 3, 2013
Why New York's East Village residents hate David Schwimmer

New York is a city that is rich with both history and culture, and the city's residents are deeply proud of both. It's no wonder, then, that earlier this year former 'Friends' star David Schwimmer was the target of some pretty hilarious graffiti at the construction site for his new 9,000 square-foot mansion.

To make way for the more than $4.1 million monstrosity, Schwimmer demolished one of the oldest historical buildings in New York's East Village, a property that many of Schwimmer's neighbors felt was one of the nicest in the neighborhood. That's bound to win you some enemies. According to residents, the five-story home was built in 1852, and could have qualified for landmark status before David swooped in and demolished it.

To make matters worse, Schwimmer has continued on with construction without so much as an apology to his neighbors for either the loss of a historical landmark, or the noise and mess of demolishing an entire building and rebuilding a new mansion in the middle of New York City.

It would seem that perhaps David Schwimmer's neighbors and the mystery graffiti artist are correct - indeed, 'Ross is not cool.'


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