June 13, 2013
Where is Jon Stewart on The Daily Show?

There is a big question being asked at the moment and that is "Where is Jon Stewart on The Daily Show?". Jon Stewart is the regular host of the Comedy Central show but he seems to have vanished from our screens, so what has actually happened to him?

Well, it seems that fans need not worry, as Jon Stewart is only taking a temporary break from The Daily Show, as he heads to the Middle East to direct his first movie. In the meantime, fans of The Daily Show will get to spend the Summer period watching John Oliver present the show.

Oliver is delighted to get the chance to host The Daily Show, saying that he is "looking forward to it in the way someone looks forward to a bungee jump. I know it will be a fun and exciting experience. I'm just not 100% sure I should be doing that. It's a real honor to be able to do this for him, however misplaced that trust."

John Oliver will host The Daily Show for eight weeks of original episodes, as well as four weeks of repeats, before Jon Stewart returns to the show on September 3. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart says that he will try to check in with The Daily Show via Skype calls, while he is away filming his movie.


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