March 15, 2018
When will we see Gemma Arterton starting work on new movie My Zoe

The UK has given us many talented stars over the years, with plenty of English acting talent in Hollywood today, some of whom have spent many years working in the acting industry, while others are just beginning to make a name for themselves. One of our favourite English actresses today would have to be the wonderful Gemma Arterton, who has become a very popular actress indeed.

For a while now, Gemma Arterton has been linked to a role in the planned new movie project My Zoe, although the new film is still currently in pre-production. There is no official date for when they are going to actually start shooting My Zoe but it has been claimed that production is expected to get underway this at some point this Spring.

While we are still waiting for this new project to begin shooting, we do know that My Zoe is officially described as, "Isabelle is a geneticist recovering from a toxic marriage and is raising her only daughter Zoe in conjunction with her ex-husband. Zoe means everything to her mother, but when tragedy strikes the fractured family, Isabelle takes matters into her own hands."

As well as starring the beautiful and talented actress Gemma Arterton, the My Zoe cast will also include other such talented stars as Daniel Bruhl and Richard Armitage, to name just a couple. Meanwhile, as well as starring in the lead role of Isabelle in My Zoe, Julie Delpy has also penned the screenplay for the film and will direct the movie. There is no release date for My Zoe yet but we will keep you updated on the progress of the project.


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