February 25, 2014
When will Michela Quattrociocche return to acting?

While there are a lot of talented actresses in the movie making industry today, it is always a bit more difficult for a women in the acting game, as well as a lot of other professions, than it is for men. This is because once an actress becomes pregnant, she will need to take some time away from her ating job, while the men can continue to work without any real problems.

Italian actress Michela Quattrociocche appeared in a handful of movies within a couple of years of each other, putting in some impressive performances along the way. Michela appeared in the 2008 movie Sorry, If I Love You, followed by the 2009 film Christmas in Beverly Hills. Following that Quattrociocche had three movies out in 2010, which were Una Canzone Per Te, Scusa ma ti voglio sposare and Sharm El Sheik - Un'estate indimenticabile.

However, in the Summer of 2010 it was announced that Michela Quattrociocche was pregnant with her first child with her husband, Italian football star Alberto Aquilani, which led to Michela taking a break from her acting career. Michela Quattrociocche then confirmed that she had given birth on April 18 2011, naming her baby Aurora.

It was widely expected that, once Michela Quattrociocche had given birth to her baby, she would begin to look at making a return to the acting game. Unfortunately though, we have not seen Michela Quattrociocche in anything since 2010 and there are currently no signs that she is making a comeback anytime soon. We hope to see Michela Quattrociocche back on the screen soon and we would even love to see her have a crack at Hollywood but, for now, she is still saying away.


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