January 6, 2014
What to expect from Brooklyn Decker in 2014

There have been a lot of models over the years, who have decided to try to pursue a career in the movie making industry, seeing Hollywood as the ideal way for them to boost their profile. There have been mixed results with this, with some stars failing to impress on the big screen, while others go on to become Hollywood stars.
One top model, who has gone on to have a fairly successful acting career to date, is former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Brooklyn Decker and she looks set to continue her rise up the Hollywood ladder in 2014. Not only that but there is no doubt that Brooklyn will also continue to wow us with her modelling shoots throughout the year.
As far as her acting career goes, we will next see Brooklyn Decker on the big screen, starring with Taran Killam, Laura Leonard, David Krumholtz, Mark Boone Junior and David Arquette, in the movie Casual Encounters. Brooklyn will then be seen in the film Stretch, which has an all-star cast including Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, Patrick Wilson and James Badge Dale, with a release date set for March 21.
Brooklyn Decker will also appear in the upcoming Fox television series Friends with Better Lives, which will also star James Van Der Beek and Kevin Connolly and will premiere on March 31. Add to that the modelling work that she will be doing in 2014, as well as any future acting projects this year and 2014 is looking to be a big year for Brooklyn Decker.


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