March 2, 2016
What exactly did Nabilla Benattia do to Thomas Vergara?

Looking at Nabilla Benattia’s tweets this week, one can immediately assume that she is happy. Nothing alludes that she has an ongoing case. At the age of 22, Nabilla Benattia has already been accused of attempted murder. Turns out that she had deep issues with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Vergara who she supposedly attacked last year at a hotel under unclear circumstances. Initial reports revealed that he was stabbed. But by who?
Rumor has it that Benattia never did it. She however, is the only person who really knows exactly what happened inside that hotel room. Nabilla Benattia says that it is unfair for the media to portray her as the villain. She insists she never stabbed her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that their relationship was a rocky one. Beyond that, she hasn’t spoken much about the incident. Her tweets and Facebook posts as of last week had nothing to do with the allegations. This is clearly an issue she’d rather not talk about at all.
Long before Thomas’ attack, he claimed that Nabilla was sexually aggressive, something that always made them fight. Nabilla has now come out clean that she wasn’t as aggressive as Thomas put it. She however claims that the fights were extreme, sometimes leading to incidents of them throwing vases at each other but that they just had fights like every other couple in the world.
She hasn’t spoken much about the incident. Sources close to her reveal that she is still disappointed by what happened. With the way things are however, it may take time to know the kind of rift Thomas and Nabilla had and what caused it. One can only hope and pray for the best. The two are back on speaking terms these days and we wish them both all the best for the future.


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