April 29, 2016
Victoria Justice completes shooting on The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We have seen quite a lot of classic movies being remade over the years, with some even being adapted for the small screen. While some of these remakes have been completely unnecessary and have failed to rediscover what made the original so great, there are others that have been very impressive indeed, which is why we are seeing so many more taking place in the coming years.
One of the upcoming movie remakes, being remade for the small screen, is the new The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has been in the filming process for the past few weeks and months now. The beautiful and talented actress Victoria Justice will take on the role of  Janet Weiss - A Heroin, in the new The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and she has been keeping fans up to date with the progress of the project.
Well, Victoria Justice has recently taken to her official Instagram account to post a picture from the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, confirming that production on the project has now wrapped. Along with the picture, Victoria added the caption, "Final day of filming#RockyHorrorPictureShow & look who decided to show up... Justin Beaver. What an appropriate way to end my stay in Canada. I think this is a good omen. Smiling face with SunglassesHeavy black heart️ #BeaverFever #Toronto"
As well as starring Victoria Justice, this new take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show will also feature Christina Milian, Laverne Cox, and original star Tim Curry, among other talented names. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been directed by Kenny Ortega, based on the screenplay that Richard O'Brien developed from the original, with the film set to air on Fox later in the year.


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