October 14, 2011
Vanessa Hudgens weight gain

There has been a lot of attention surrounding Vanessa Hudgens recently, as she appears to be putting on a few extra pounds. It is not 100% clear as to why Vanessa has suddenly had a sudden surge in weight gain, however everybody has their opinion and some varying.

Some have claimed that Vanessa is still cut up about her break up from Zac Efron and that she has been binge eating as a form of comfort. While others have claimed that Hudgens is putting on the weight for her latest movie role, which is Frozen Ground and starts shooting on Monday. However, it is also thought that the weight is carried over from her Gimme Shelter role.
The former seems ridiculous as Vanessa Hudgens split with Zac Efron and Zac has continually admitted that he wants her back. Meanwhile the latter seems much more believable, as Vanessa Hudgens seems willing to do anything that is asked of her for a movie role.
Her hair has still not fully grown back following her decision to cut it for her role in Gimme Shelter. It shows pure dedication from someone so young to their profession and recent talks of future Oscar glory will certainly be helped by her commitment to her trade. The reason for Vanessa Hudgens weight gain? We believe it is for her previous and latest movie roles. Let us know what you think.


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