August 21, 2015
Uma Thurman's popularity and gorgeous looks earn her song from "Fall Out Boys”

Uma Thurman is not just a talented actress but she is a sex symbol to many entertainment fans as indicated by a recent revelation from the popular music group “Fall Out Boys” who are so enamoured of her that they named a song after her.

Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz disclosed in an interview that the group asked the beautiful actress known for her spectacular performances in the “Kill Bill” franchise if she would be amenable to a song being named after her and she granted the music band permission which to some fans is  an illustration of how far her popularity extends as an actress (Music News - August 21).

When a music group is willing to name a song after an actress they know for the song to have any sort of impact the person must be someone who music fans will recognize and there is no question that this blonde bombshell is still someone whose mere name being mentioned excites fans.

She is currently filming the comedy-action movie “The Brits Are Coming” and with the news that the “Fall Out Boys” have written a song with her name as the title fans suspect the movie is going to attract not only her traditional movie fans but also some music fans of the musical group.

The actress has been busy filming her new movie scheduled for release in 2016 and pictures of her filming opposite Maggie Q on set have fans very excited as she looks gorgeous and glamorous during some action-adventure scenes.

There are some actresses in Hollywood who have complained about ‘age-discrimination’ but one actress who does not look like she can be part of this group of women is Uma Thurman because she still has the leading lady looks that leave men dreaming about her and as the choice of “Fall Out Boys” proves is still viewed as a sex symbol by some entertainment fans.

Uma Thurman, an actress who just like a great wine just seems to keep getting better and more popular with age.


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