November 7, 2014
Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters: No.5 - Howie Mandel as Gizmo in Gremlins

Over the course of the past few days and weeks, we have been bringing you our list of Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters and, with so many brilliant Christmas movies giving us so many impressive performances, it has not been easy. Last time out, we gave you the performance of Joe Pesci as Harry the burglar in the Home Alone movies, which was at number six on the list, which brings us to our top five countdown, starting today with number five.

While the previous five entries have all been based on very good acting performances by the stars who have played these Christmas characters, today we are going for something a little different, as it is more to do with the character itself than the performance of the actor. At number five on our Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters list we have Gizmo from the Gremlins movie.

As you will be well aware, Gizmo is not played by an actual person, although he is actually voiced by Howie Mandel, so all those cute noises and sweet tunes that come from Gizmo are done by Howie Mandel. What we love most about Gizmo though, is that fact that he is such a cute, sweet, loving, caring and innocent little creature, as long as you make sure you stick to the rules.

The bad side to Gizmo is the fact that, once you fail to stick to the strict rules, all hell breaks loose and we have an army of evil little creatures to deal with. While Gremlins is not the most conventional Christmas movie, it is still set at Christmas and Gizmo has to be up there with the best Christmas movie characters around.

Tomorrow we bring you number 4 on the list.


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