February 3, 2018
Tom Hardy to star in Saga of the Swamp Thing movie

There have been a lot of rumours over the years about which comic book characters we are going to see coming to the big screen and, after Warner Bros. and DC have been struggling to impress with their big name characters, it has been claimed that we could get so see some of their more obscure characters being adapted into big screen movie projects, such as Swamp Thing.

Not too long ago, there were plans for us to get a Justice League Dark movie, which would see the character Swamp Thing coming to the big screen, with rumours that Ron Perlman would play the role. However, the Justice League Dark movie eventually fell apart and we never did get to see what could have been a very interesting movie indeed.

However, following the huge success of the hit 2017 movie The Shape of Water, it has been claimed that there are now plans for a new Swamp Thing movie to hit the big screen, going in the direction of the Alan Moore Saga of the Swamp Thing comic books. While it is still very early days in development and could well still be some time before it happens, it has been suggested that we could see the likes of Constantine and Dream making cameo appearances, building towards that Justice League Dark film.

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that casting has already been under consideration for the role of Swamp Thing, with Hollywood superstar Tom Hardy being the favourite for the role. Tom will soon appear on the big screen in the new Venom movie, which could result in him having a multi movie contract, but the actor is very much wanted for the role of Swamp Thing and could be tempted to do both.

At this current point in time though, this is still all very early talk and there is the possibility that Saga of the Swamp Thing could go the same way as Justice League Dark and not make it out of development hell. We will keep you posted.


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