December 8, 2011
The X Factor USA’s Melanie Amaro dating Stereo Hogz Trace Kennedy

It has been suggested that The X Factor USA wannabe, Melanie Amaro is dating Trace Kennedy, the lead singer of The X Factor USA rejected band, The Stereo Hogz. However, the rumours do not seem to be entirely true, as Melanie has revealed that she is actually already in a relationship and would never dream of cheating.

Amaro explained, "The only romance I'm having right now is with my microphone. I have a very close friend, but it's not like right now I'm doing anything to distract me, because I have to worry about this 5 million dollars. Like I said, I'm so faithful to my microphone. I've been together with him for a very long time and I don't think I'll cheat. I love my microphone."
Melanie Amaro did admit that she could definitely see herself dating once the singing competition is over but for now, it is just her and her microphone. The X Factor USA saw the remaining five contestants, Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Chris Rene, Rachel Crow and Josh Krajcik, sing last night, with the live results show being shown tonight on Fox at 8/7c.


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