September 26, 2013
The return of the best funny shows on television

While a lot of people beginning to feel down around this time of year, as the Summer slowly becomes a distant memory, the weather begins to get colder and we Winter is fast approaching, there is always that silver lining that comes every Fall, and that is the return of some of our favourite shows.

The end of September and throughout October, the season premieres of some of the best shows around begin to air. Add to that, the fact that some of the funniest shows on television are back and it is a great reason to be happy and excited that Summer is over, as we get to stay in and watch great TV.

Among these top funny shows, that have either aired or are preparing to air their season premiere, are How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. These three shows are arguably the three funniest shows on television and we are delighted to have them back.

How I Met Your Mother season nine premiered on Monday night, kicking off the final season of the show. Tonight is the big night though, as both Two and a Half Men season 11 and The Big Bang Theory season seven both premiere on CBS.

What show are you most looking forward to seeing the return of?


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