December 5, 2013
The Legacy of Audrey Hepburn

When she was a little girl the real story for Audrey Hepburn began and the tragedy started as she had to experience the consequences of World War II. Along with the horror and cruelty of the war she never forgot the liberation she felt when the aid arrived for her and thousands of others like her in Holland.
When she was a child she always dreamed of being a prima ballerina. But due to the war she was physically incapable of doing so. So she went to her plan B. She became a model and took jobs where she could practice being in the center of the camera. She competed against 4,000 dancers using the training she had acquired for a spot in the top 10 to do a chorus line. Eventually she got in front of a camera for a movie and the rest was history. Her career took off and within three years everyone on the world came to know her as Princess Anne from the movie Roman Holiday. This is how we began to love her, be captivated by her, and why we remember her.
She made over 25 movies and there is no doubt that she held a position as an icon of style and class as a beloved actress. Audrey Hepburn always thought of her passion with UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador more important than her movie roles. That is the beauty of having the opportunity to know her through the movies and appreciate the gifts she gave to us as an actress and a humanitarian.
In 1994, after Audrey Hepburn's passing her companion of twelve years and her two children started a children's Fund so Audrey's passion would be continued.


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