December 14, 2017
Tess Kartel ready for release of new movie The Madness Within

When it comes to talking about some of the stars in Hollywood these days and some of the new movies which are heading to the big screen in the near future, we tend to focus on the top names in the acting industry, often neglecting those who are not consider the A-list name in Hollywood. However, there are still plenty of talented stars who we love, who we do not give enough coverage to, so we do try to change that when we get the chance.
Which brings us to the beautiful and talented actress Tess Kartel, who has been working in Hollywood for some time now and has become one of our favourite actresses in the business, so we are always excited to see what new projects she has lined up. Well, next up for Tess is the upcoming new movie The Madness Within and she is as ready for the release of this new film as we are.
The Madness Within has been described as, "Russ Washington is a successful businessman on top of the world. But when Addiction, secrets, and faulty relationships send him spiraling down the rabbit hole, will he continue to plummet or find the strength to carry on."
While we are most looking forward to seeing Tess Kartel in the new movie, The Madness Within does also include some top name Hollywood stars, such as Lily Tomlin and Katie Cleary, to name just a couple. The Madness Within has been directed by Hunter G. Williams, who also wrote the script for the film, which is set to hit the big screen on February 9, 2018.


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