June 20, 2014
Telenovela star Taís Araújo reveals love for theatre in interview

Taís Araújo is used to being a trendsetter and making 'waves' with her comments so the fact that the star of the hit Brazilian telenovela "Generation Brazil" disclosed that despite her love for television shows they are not what have provided her the most excitement in her career was not a surprise to entertainment insiders. 
The talented and beautiful actress admitted in a recent interview that she becomes incredibly excited when she is acting on the stage. She looks back at roles such as 'sandbox' which she felt challenged her in a manner that television has not.
At the moment she is starring as the journalist Veronica Miller in the telenovela "Generation Brazil" and has fans in high anticipation concerning what will happen with the relationship between her character and that of Jonas Marra played by Murilo Benicio
Taís Araújo has been a true star in the world of television in Brazil since her beginning in 1994 and she is still an actress star now. She possesses a beauty and dramatic range that is rare in an actress and in what some entertainment insiders consider to be the best demonstration of her appeal, she is rarely if ever in need of work her acting skill and popularity is so valued within the Brazilian film industry.
She is an actress who admits to loving new projects and as such her recent comments about loving theatre have some television insiders wondering if she is preparing to make a move from her show.
Taís Araújo is an actress at the top of her craft and yet she is still looking for new challenges. This is one of the many reasons she is such a popular actress with the television producers of Brazil. 


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