April 3, 2018
Sunny Leone eager to keep her acting career moving forward

When it comes to the acting industry, there are different areas within the business where are wannabe star can make a name for themselves. While there is no denying that Hollywood is the biggest place in the acting world, there are also plenty of other ways of making a name for yourself as an actor, actress, writer, director, or any other role in the business.

Which brings us to the beautiful and talented actress Sunny Leone, who has been working in the entertainment industry for well over a decade now and has seen her career go from strength to strength, despite never working in Hollywood. Sunny rose to fame working in the adult film industry as a porn actress, before then deciding to get more serious with her acting, becoming a top name in Bollywood.

Sunny Leone has been involved in a number of different Bollywood projects to date and she is eager to make sure that her acting career keeps on moving in the right direction, with some new projects lined up for the coming years. Sunny has been linked to a role in the movie Tina and Lolo for quite a while now, although the movie seems to be stuck in development hell, with no news on when production will actually begin. As well as that, Leone is also linked to a role in the planned miniseries Karenjit Kaur, but again we are unsure on the progress of the project.

While these two planned projects are struggling to get going, we would love to see Sunny Leone signing up to some new movies which are actually going to make some real progress. We are big fans of the recent work from Sunny and we have no doubt that she is one of the top acting talents in Bollywood.


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