December 12, 2013
Spencer Breslin: The kid is now a man

Actor and producer Spencer Breslin is best known for his role as Rusty Duritz as he appeared alongside of Bruce Willis in the 2000 film, The Kid. You may also remember him portraying the experimental elf named Curtis in The Santa Claus 2 (2002) with Tim Allen in the popular sequel film, and again in The Santa Claus 3 (2006). Spencer enjoyed the privilege of working with some of Hollywood's finest actors in his career as a child star, which gave him plenty of inspiration and role models in developing his own unique style of acting.
Spencer's acting was so impressive in The Kid (2000) that he was nominated for and won the 2001 Saturn Award for best young actor under the age of ten. This is no small feat, however, he earned it through his natural talent, but also the hard work that goes into playing a major part in the film.
Breslin made his debut in 1997, appearing in several episodes of the television series Soul Man; Law & Order (1998); Trinity (1999), and Center of the Universe (2004-5). He has also appeared in many films including The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004); The Shaggy Dog (2006); The Happening (2008) and Bless This Mess (2009).
Spencer's most recent work includes Born To Race (2011) and the role of Jason in Stuck in Love (2012). He is currently slated to play the role of cousin Derek in Perfect Sisters which is completed and set for 2014. His latest film which is currently in the pre-production stage is Bullied, scheduled for 2015. He's leaving the child behind and becoming a man, and a fine actor as Spencer Breslin is truly coming into his own in the film industry. We're all looking forward to watching his evolution unfold.


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