April 27, 2017
Solange Knowles reveals her struggles making A Seat At the Table

Being the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles is never going to be an easy thing, especially when you yourself are trying to forge your own path in the music industry, as people are always going to try to compare you to you big sister. However, when it comes to Solange Knowles, it seems that it has actually not been too difficult, as she has enjoyed plenty of her own success, showing just how talented she really is.
With that said though, trying to find that right balance between writing and recording new music, while also raising a family can never be easy, which Solange Knowles has been realising recently. Solange has admitted that she has found it as a bit of a struggle working on her hit album A Seat At the Table, trying to find ways to improve her productivity. 
Knowles was chatting to Nylon.com, when she told them, "For this album, I actually went to my grandmother's birth town of New Iberia, Louisiana. I rented this house, and I had my computer and I had my engineer, and I just kind of figured it out."
She added, "And in terms of the writing process, it was a hell of a journey. It was a long f***ing time, and it was draining at times, and I lost perspective and context many times. I'm also a mother, and so I don't have the luxury  of saying, 'Oh, I'm going to go away and write this album.' I have to be conscientious of both of our times."
Well whatever it was that she did, she certainly did it right, as A Seat At the Table was a huge hit indeed.


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