October 3, 2016
Simon Cowell reveals his ghostly experience

Music mogul Simon Cowell has had to experience some rather terrifying things during his time on the hit television series The X Factor but, believe it or not, those awful acts are not the scariest thing to happen in his life. Simon has opened up about the fact that he once lived in a haunted house in London, where things got so bad that his parents actually had to leave early during a visit.
Cowell told The Sun, “I had one (a ghost) in my house once - and this is an absolutely true story. I was living in Kingston Hill in South West London and my mum and dad were staying with me next door. I heard this banging on the door and I went to my mum and dad’s room and said, ‘You were banging on my door.’ They said, ‘What do you mean? It wasn’t us.’ It was literally like someone banging on the door. There was a dog in the house freaking out and then my parents left to go home."
He added, "The following day I heard this crashing noise and all the stuff had fallen in the kitchen. I later found out that the land where my house was on was part of a bigger house. It got so bad they had to call in an exorcist. There was definitely a presence but I wasn’t afraid. Before I had an encounter, I thought it might be like how you see in the movies with a sheet moving across the room, but I thought it was someone trying to make contact."
Meanwhile, Simon Cowell seems to have other things to worry about than ghosts, as his show The X Factor has come in for some heavy criticism after the weekends shows. People have been complaining that the show is just letting through novelty acts to try to win ratings, rather than actually trying to find the next big superstar singer. Good luck Honey G!


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