April 20, 2013
Sienna Miller opens up about motherhood

Sienna Miller has been in New York City with her baby daughter Marlowe while her partner Tom Sturridge has been performing on the Broadway play 'The Orphans'. Miller has been making her first official appearances at various events, and has been opening up about her daughter and how motherhood's changed her life.
She explains, "My daughter monopolises my time. I spend my days making pureed food for her. Becoming a mother [has] made me not miss working in the industry. For the time being at least, I prefer watching my daughter grow up.”
She also adds that she has no time to worry about fame, saying, "My life is this: my baby and my dog. My fiancé is in a play at the moment, he’s busy working a lot. My 20s were a bit crazy. I spent those years working and being repeatedly persecuted by the media. Nowadays, I can be the woman I truly am, more calm, and freer too. I turned 30 and I suddenly had much less energy.”
Miller has previously been in the media for a lot of the wrong reasons, but it seems as though she's changed her priorities since her baby's been born. Despite her seeming lack of interest in pursuing her career at the current time, she is listed as having an important supporting role in a major award season contender: Bennet Miller's 'Foxcatcher', starring Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo


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