May 12, 2014
Shraddha Das changes image with 'goon' role in "Superstar Kidnap"

Telugu actress Shraddha Das was interviewed about her role in the film "Superstar Kidnap" and she disclosed that in this role she is probably going to shock many of her fans and movie viewers in general as she plays a "proper goon" in this dark comedy. The sight of the attractive actress walking around in silk suits and causing those who see her to show fear and await her instructions will likely be shocking to men and women. In this role she is a leader of men and is a dangerous character who is considered able to inflict pain if necessary without hesitation. 

She admits that at first it was a challenge to act in such an aggressive manner with how she walked but despite the opportunity to 'shock' and change her image in her special appearance in the film she finds herself preferring the Hindi and Bengali film productions. 

In Bengali cinema she finds the roles provided her are much more substantial in part because she is considered not just an attractive woman but more of a performer. She is able to show her dramatic acting range and appreciates the opportunity to show the different dimensions of her character. 

Entertainment insiders are of the belief that Telugu filmmakers are going to have start providing her with scripts that have more substance and larger roles or they will eventually only see her on rare occasions because her acting talent is valued and in-demand in both Bengali and Hindi cinema and she has started even venturing into Bollywood having completed two films. 

She is an actress who is starting to become more selective in her projects and as such Telugu filmmakers are now faced with the responsiblity of providing her with more 'meaty', substantial roles or risk losing the opportunity to have Shraddha Das, one of the rising Indian acting talents in their future projects. 


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