September 28, 2011
Seth Rogen talks 50/50

Superbad actor Seth Rogen has claimed that his upcoming new movie 50/50 is very true to life, in that it is funny but at the same time it is serious and sad. 50/50 is based on the true story of Will Reiser, a friend of Seth’s who has survived his battle with cancer.

Rogen explained, "We really tried to be as honest as we could about it. Life is funny and sad, and even while Will was going through [cancer treatment], we still made jokes and had ridiculous conversations." Seth even claims that, while it does take cancer seriously, the film is still as funny as his past movies.
It was recently revealed that 50/50 actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was brought in on very short notice, following the departure of James McAvoy due to family illness. Joseph’s performance is reported to be so good that he could be in line for an Oscar nomination. 50/50 is released in the US on September 30 and the UK on January 6.


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