June 5, 2017
Sam Claflin is insecure about his body

There are always a lot of women who come out and talk about their body issues and how insecure they feel about their bodies, but there are not often very many men who come out and talk about the same thing. With that said though, British actor Sam Claflin has spoken out about male body insecurities, admitting that he himself has suffered over the years, with Sam recalling certain auditions that pushed him towards being insecure about his body.

Claflin explained, "I read in an interview recently and I think it's absolutely true: men have it just as bad. Well, not just as bad but they get it bad and it's never talked about. I'm not saying it's anywhere near as bad as what women go through but I, as an actor approaching each job, am insecure -- especially when I have to take my top off in it -- and so nervous. I get really worked up to the point where I spend hours and hours in the gym and not eating for weeks to achieve what I think they're going for."
He added, "I remember doing one job when they literally made me pull my shirt up and were grabbing my fat and going 'you need to lose a bit of weight. This other time they were slapping me. I felt like a piece of meat. In the '50s and '60s, it was never an issue. James Bond never had a six pack. He had a hairy chest. Marlon Brando%u200B in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' had an incredible body but he was by no means ripped to within an inch of his life. There's a filter on society that this is normal, but actually it's anything but normal."
As far as his acting career is concerned, Sam Claflin can next be seen on the big screen, starring alongside the likes of Rachel Weisz, Iain Glen, and Holliday Grainger, in the upcoming new movie My Cousin Rachel, which has been directed by Roger Michell and is set to hit the big screen on June 9 in both the US and the UK.


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