August 17, 2014
Salma Hayek's "Everly" revelation has fans eagerly awaiting release

Actress Salma Hayek appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con and she looked stunning in her appearance as usual wearing a tight black dress and futurist black patent leather heels to talk about her new movie, "Everly". 
Her movie was one of many discussed at Comic-Con and maybe her revelation that she would be "shooting guns while wearing very little clothing" was not heard properly because while the movie drew attention at the event it did not cause the amount of conversation that it is now starting to become a major part of some social media conversations.
It seems that not just her male fans but also her female fans are taking notice of the fact that she said she would be wearing very little clothing while playing the lead role in the movie in which her character has to fight back against assassins sent by her ex, a mob boss while she is at her apartment. 
Some of her most devoted fans are shaking their heads as if they cannot believe that the information that this acting/producer mogul who is one of the 'most attractive women in the entertainment industry', a statement that is indisputable, had revealed that she would be playing the lead in an action-thriller movie and it did not 'register' with them.
One of the aspects of this movie that seems to be appearing to many of her social media fans is the concept that she plays a strong woman in this movie who is not being saved but doing the saving of herself by fighting back both with words and backed by her actions. 
As some of her female fans have noted, a beautiful woman who "kicks butt on screen and refuses to be a victim" is someone that they want to see on screen.
Salma Hayek, the actress might just have another hit movie on her hands in "Everly" because the news is starting to 'hit home' with fans that she is going to be starring in a movie in which she wears little but plays a role of a very strong woman and thus satisfies both her male and female fans. 


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