December 27, 2013
Roberto Donadoni is the successful Italian stallion coach for team Parma

Although missing a key player, Roberto Donadoni, the Parma coach, to a 1-1 draw with the Genoa Sampdoria football club, in the December 22, 2013 game. Under Coach Donadoni, since January 9, 2012, the Parma Team has achieved a 10th place position and they remain unbeaten in six Serie A games. When Donadoni accepted the coaching position of the Parma football club, they were being considered to the relegated zone.
Coach Roberto Donadoni has improved the ranking of the Parma Team since he took over. His skills and management style has been rewarded with a contract that was due to end in 2013, but instead has been extended by two years. Donadoni and the Parma Team have set their 2014 home and away Italian schedule, running from January to May.
Donadoni's earlier career has had its highs and lows, as he played for the Rossoneri family, the invincible, a USA team the Metrostars, the Al-Ittihad league, ending his football career in the year 2000. He pursued a coaching career and helped to train the Italian National Team. The 2014 Parma roster schedule, has been set for January to May.
Coach Donadoni is an enigmatic and canny person who understands all too well how to coach his team due to his personal experiences. As a managing coach, the Parma team is like his family, as he believes in doing everything he can to develop their head game and their technical skills. This managing style is working because the Parma Serie A club stats are climbing the Italian charts.
Still looking ever the fit player himself, Donadoni's hair is now a speckled grey, as he wears immaculately tailored suits on the side lines. Pacing back and forth at games, he makes subtle gestures to keep from showing his boisterous temperament. His appearance continues to remind you of his key playing skills in the AC Milan team that won Serie A titles and three European Cups.


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