September 13, 2017
Robert Pattinson reveals his interesting plan to quit Hollywood

Hollywood hunk Robert Pattinson has worked very hard to become one of the most sought after actors in the business but it has always felt like there is something missing with the actor and that there is something more to him. Well, it seems that Robert himself would actually agree with that, as he has revealed how he once had a plan to quit Hollywood, and what he was going to do sounds very interesting indeed.

Pattinson features in the latest issue of the UK version of Esquire magazine, and in the accompanying interview he said, "I go around on my bike, so I'm basically a ghost. I nearly did it, I was 100 per cent going to live in a van, but not just any van - a stealth van! It's a special niche, not like living in a trailer."

He then went on to add, "Stealth vans look like a normal Transit van, so you can park on the street, put signs on saying you're a plumber or whatever and no one would notice. You can just leave in the middle of the night and, like, drive to Nebraska. I'd love that so much. And I was like, 'I'm still young, this is my chance."

As far as his acting career is concerned, Robert Pattinson is next set to appear on the big screen in the upcoming new movie Good Time, which boasts and exciting cast, has been directed by Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie, with the movie due to arrive in theatres in the UK on November 3.


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