April 7, 2017
Robert De Niro attacks President Donald Trump

Well it is pretty obvious that when it comes to the American President, Donald Trump, you either love him or you hate him and, since it seems that there are so many people who have been quick to come out and slate the new President, it really is surprising that he managed to make it into the White House at all.
It is not only the general public who have been speaking out against Donald Trump and voicing their concerns about his Presidency, as there have also been plenty of big name stars who are against the US President. The latest star to make their opinions clear on their feelings towards The Donald, is Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro and, as you have probably already guessed, he was not exactly very pleasant in what he had to say about him, having already previously slated the President.
Following these first few months of his reign, and the fact that President Trump has cut funding for the arts, De Niro slated, "I can't articulate it well enough other than to say it's ridiculous. It's idiotic. This is guy has sullied the presidency. He's debased the presidency. It's just beyond surreal what this guy has done," before then adding, "He's a mutt. Every word I said then I mean today. He has not changed."
When you hear all of these people coming out to slate President Donald Trump, you really do have to wonder where all his supporters have vanished to. Obviously there were plenty of people who voted for him at the time and if they truly backed him to be the President of American, then surely they should speak up and try to defend him now?


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