December 24, 2012
Rob Kardashian talks shopping and losing weight

Rob Kardashian has made a vow not to go on a shopping spree until he’s lost a sizeable amount of weight.
When talking about whether he will be visiting any fashion shows in the near future, he says in an interview with Racked [via Belfast Telegraph], “Yeah. I want to go to all the shows I can. Definitely. I really want to be there.  I'm also trying to lose weight so I can't go too crazy [with shopping], because I know I'm going to end up buying a bunch of stuff and I don't want to waste money. I'm the most casual guy ever, though. I wear sweats most of the time."
He also talks about the inspirations behind his new line, Arthur George, which he launched earlier this month, saying, “The wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel; that was one of my first inspirations.  I'm a big scarf person, and I like to frame scarves to hang [like] paintings. There are so many patterns that I'll try to translate to socks. It's tricky, though, because the machines you use to make the socks can't create certain patterns."
He’s admitted that although it will be difficult for him, he is sticking to his rule not to buy any more clothes until he’s down to a comfortable weight.  


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