October 27, 2017
Rita Ora opens up about her Roc Nation battle

Music superstar Rita Ora has not only gone on to become one of the biggest and best stars in the music industry but she has also made the move into the acting industry, where she has also been enjoying plenty of acting roles in Hollywood. While everything seems like it has been going great for Rita during her rise to superstardom, it has not come without its bumps in the road.

As many of you will be well aware by now, Rita Ora was signed on to Roc Nation, before she decided that she needed to get out of her contract with them and move on with her career. Rita has now opened up about that battle with Roc Nation, admitting that it was actually a lot smoother than it could have been and there was no hard feelings involved.

Ora told The Guardian, "I lost a lot of confidence in myself. I thought: ‘What am I going to do?' It felt like the worst thing. But it was the only decision I could make. My appreciation and respect for them hasn’t changed at all. It could have been bad, but it was very respectful. It was one of the easiest separations ever. It didn’t go to court. I can’t go into crazy political details obviously, for… reasons. But it was easy. Amazing."

It has been a very enjoyable rise to superstardom for Rita Ora and we have loved watching her grow, develop and improve, not only in her music career but also on the acting scene, and we cannot wait to see where it takes her next.


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