October 17, 2017
Rihanna reminisces about her school days

Music superstar Rihanna has enjoyed a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, not only on the music scene but also by trying her hand at acting along the way and by getting into the clothing design industry too. Rihanna recently launched her school friendly Fenty U collection, which led to the sexy star to reminisce about her own school days, admitting that her style was not quite there when she was younger.
Rihanna said, "I think I'd want best dressed, but I wasn't there yet in terms of style. In high school, I stayed to myself. I was a loner. You would try to express yourself any way you could. [I'd] push it with an earring. You're not allowed to wear huge earrings. I would try to push it with my hair with extensions and a little colour."
She added, "It was not the cutest belt - it was in Barbados colours, blue and yellow stripes -- [but] you could [define] your waist. Girls would constantly be adjusting their belt all day long! [And] my hem. I would take it up little by little so no one would notice. I got sent home a couple of times for doing that."
These days Rihanna has definitely found her style and she is not afraid to go bold and do her own unique thing. RIhanna has always been one of those stars who loves to express themselves and what better way to do that than by doing it through your fashion choices. Keep doing what you are doing, Rihanna, we love you!


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