September 19, 2017
Rihanna receives huge praise from Marilyn Manson

When it comes to the music scene, there are not many bigger names in the music industry than the global superstar Rihanna, who has been churning out hit after hit for many years now, and we expect that she will continue to do so for many more years to come. However, it is not just the songs themselves that have been a success for Rihanna, as she has also been delivering some very interesting and exciting music videos along with them.
It is not just the general public who have been impressed with the Rihanna music videos, as fellow music star Marilyn Manson has also been heaping a huge amount of praise on the superstar. Marilyn says that, when it came to making the music video for his track We Know Where You F***ing Live, he was very inspired by what was done with the music video for the Rihanna track B***h Better Have My Money.
Manson said, "Rihanna [is] dangerous. I had this conversation with [director] Tom Wyatt, prior to this video coming out. He said, 'who do you want to compete with like in music and things like that?' I said, 'Rihanna.' [Rihanna's] 'B***h Better Have My Money' video? That's a hardcore video."
He added, "All of her videos are. I love that video the most because A, it's hardcore, B, because it puts a b***h having her money type, and C, because Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal the TV show, my favourite show, is in it. And then, D, if I'm still doing letters; that she swings a girl naked back and forth, gives her crack, kills her and has a yacht, she has a flare gun. And somehow my video is more offensive?"
Well that is very high praise indeed and we have to admit that we love both videos, although we can see why they could both be considered controversial.


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