June 5, 2014
Rebecca Mader shines with "Once Upon a Time" cast in Orlando

The beautiful Rebecca Mader recently attended the Spooky Empire's May-Hem event in Orlando, Florida with the cast of "Once Upon a Time" and she was one of the most popular people at the event as fans took the time to ask her and the cast questions about the show which included questions about her character Zelena, the Wicked Witch. 

Interestingly, it was not only the fans who enjoyed her presence on the show as Zelena but also entertainment insiders, critics and filmmakers who also were quite impressed with her performance in the series. 

In this past season of the show she completely embraced the role of the Wicked Witch and showed dimensions of this character that many people would not have anticipated. Her performance was so outstanding that the show's producers let it be known that she would definitely be returning to the role for next season, the fourth of the series. 

Rebecca Mader has demonstrated that she is one of the most beautiful and alluring witches on television and also one of the most talented dramatic actresses who has the ability to find aspects of a character that make the individual compelling and understandable to viewers despite her evil tendencies. 

Fortunately for fans she will not only be seen on the small screen in 2014. The stunning redhead will be seen in a lead role in the comedy movie "It's Gawd" with Luke Perry. The project will give the film industry the opportunity to see her make people laugh in the movie about the earth's creator returning to earth to reconnect with mankind by returning to the planet and hosting his own variety show. 

Rebecca Mader in 2014 will continue to connect with fans on both the small and big screens in a manner that will end up having film and television producers lining up to secure her services as an actress for future projects.


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