May 23, 2013
Preity Zinta finds film production difficult

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has admitted that she found being involved in the production side of movie making much different from that of just acting. Preity is a writer and producer on her new movie Ishkq in Paris and she says that she found the film production side of things much more difficult that she expected.
Zinta told Mid Day, "What happens is that everybody's problem is your problem. As an actor, you are used to isolating yourself. When you are on set, you just focus on your role and the rest doesn't matter. That time I was like, 'God, why is it happening with me?'"
She added, "But having said that, I like to multi-task and at the end of the day, I feel if you have taken on a certain responsibility, you should shoulder it. Ishkq in Paris is an identifiable film. It does not challenge your intelligence. It is coming out in 2013 and has the persona of today's people."
As well as starring Preity Zinta, Ishkq in Paris also features Isabelle Adjani, Rhehan Malliek, Shekhar Kapur nad Salman Khan. Ishkq in Paris will open in 2013, following a delay of the movies release, after director Prem Soni was diagnosed with cancer.


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