July 31, 2019
PewDiePie and the love of Minecraft

PewDiePie had an on/off relationship with Minecraft . YouTube sensation Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg seems to be reaping the benefits of his return to Minecraft, after attaining his most impressive landmark on the video sharing stage to date. The Swedish online character was locked into a fierce subscriber struggle with the Indian production firm T Series through the launching of 2019, but has since dropped from a competitor - who boasts an impressive tally of over 106 million. PewDiePie once had the most subscribed station on YouTube. Then, following a long struggle that managed to do it into prime time news, sometimes due to the memes and sometimes scandals, he lost that name to T Series. 
He makes videos about Minecraft. But a long time ago, he didn't wish to do this. PewDiePie has regular sections like LWIAY, and Pew News, which are fan favourites. Now, he's shifted to making videos on Minecraft, in an effort to bring it back into its gaming roots. But this wasn't always how it was. PewDiePie doesn't possess the most subscribed station, but he is still YouTube's most subscribed independent creator, boasting more than 98 million subscribers. According to PewDiePie, when Minecraft was released, everybody would make videos about it, similar to Fortnite nowadays. This was why he felt that it was unoriginal and also he didn't wish to do this. 
"Minecraft became so explosively popular. And everybody would play it. It felt as though people were playing it simply because it was popular, and not because they were really doing it." PewDiePie says this doesn't imply his station will become about Minecraft. When he loses interest then he will only move on to another person. PewDiePie reported that initially, he didn't like being called Minecraft YouTube, but now he has actually become one. He is so invested in the game that he does not care, about net drama like Twitch streamer Alinity Divine's cat tossing scandal. "I have not paid attention to what anyone's doing," PewDiePie continued. 
"It is so goddamn liberating. A cat threw? . Okay, good, I don't care!" PewDiePie's foray into Minecraft is not useless. It's really helped him get to another important milestone on YouTube, flying up to 98 million subscribers. This means he's just two million off from what he wanted- 100 million subscribers. While the PewDiePie war with the T Series is over, this does not means people have stopped subscribing to him. Sure, we do not have individuals hacking billboards and we won't possess diss tracks like B h lasagna, but that does not mean he cannot get 100 million subscribers. Whether Pewds will be capable to get back on the right track to compete with T String in the summer of 2019 and beyond remains to be seen, however despite the Indian production firm producing quite a big gap between the two, his fanbase is clearly resilient.


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