October 24, 2014
Patricia de Leon reveals her new make up collection

While most of the people in the entertainment industry are known mainly for the work they do within their specific genre, whether it be acting, music, or modelling, almost all of them have other things that they do on the side. There are a lot of women in the entertainment industry who have their own lingerie line or their own brand of make up.
Actress Patricia de Leon is best known for being a beautiful model and actress but she is also one of these women who has a side project of her own. Patricia has been teasing people about an upcoming announcement, to do with her side project, and the stunning star has now revealed how she has a new make up collection that is out now.
De Leon took to her official Instagram account to share a picture with her fans and followers, along with the announcement, "My friends, my secret is now ready to be revealed!! So excited to announce, My brand of gorgeous lipsticks are ready for YOU!!!!The colors will make your mouth water.@aniisebypatriciadeleon @aniise_skincare make up by @oneandonlysamv @vanezzy_ #panama #usa #mexico #colors #lovelucycolor #beauty #lipstick #makeup #makeupbloggers "
As far as her acting career is concerned, Patricia de Leon will appear in the movie Confessions of a Womanizer, which stars C. Thomas Howell, Jillian Rose Reed, Gary Busey, Andrew Lawrence, and Nicole Garcia. Confessions of a Womanizer is written and directed by Miguel Ali and has been doing the festival rounds all year, with an official US release date set for May 27, 2015. We look forward to it.


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