December 3, 2015
One to Watch: Mexican plus-size model Jocelyn Corona

There was once a time when it was imperative that you were skinny and had very few curves, in order to make it as a successful model in the modelling industry. There is still a lot of pressure on women in the modelling industry to diet and exercise in order to look their best, although there has been a big change in the way beautiful women are perceived in the modelling industry in recent years.

Over the course of the past couple of years or so, we have seen more and more plus-size models making the headlines, with the biggest moment of all coming earlier this year, when Ashley Graham featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2015. Since then, plus-size models have become increasingly popular and in demand, with a new wave of plus-size models coming through and making a name for themselves.

Our One to Watch section has brought you plenty of up and coming stars over the years, so what better way for us to bring you one of the most beautiful and promising, up and coming plus-size models in the industry. Teenage beauty Jocelyn Corona has only been in the modelling industry for a short amount of time, but she has already shown a great deal of promise and potential.

While Jocelyn Corona has landed a number of impressive modelling gigs already, in her relatively short career, she is probably already best known for walking in Chromats FW15 runway show. Jocelyn Corona is young, beautiful and talented, with all the attributes required to become one of the biggest and best models in the business.


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