June 1, 2015
One to Watch: German actress Paula Kalenberg

The past few days and weeks have seen us bringing you a lot of promising young models as our One to Watch, which is not really all that surprising, considering how many stunning models there are on the rise these days. However, today we have decided to mix things up, by not only bringing you an actress worth keeping an eye on, but also an actress who has actually been in the business for many years already.

So, why would we take an experienced star and have them as our One to Watch, as surely they have already made it in the entertainment industry. Well, our One to Watch for today is the beautiful and talented German model Paula Kalenberg, who is a well-known and popular actress in Germany but is far from being one of the biggest names around the world.

With that said, Paula Kalenberg is definitely a very talented actress and she certainly has the potential to mix it with the very best that the acting industry has to offer. We have no doubt in our mind that Paula would be able to more than hold her own in Hollywood, alongside any of the big Hollywood stars in the business.

With that said, we are not too sure whether Paula Kalenberg does actually have any plans to try to make a name for herself in Hollywood, as she is currently happy doing what she does best in Germany. It would be a huge shame if we never get to see Paula in Hollywood, as she really does have it all. Watch this space!


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