June 17, 2016
One to Watch: Exciting actress Brianna Hildebrand

Our One to Watch section has been a fantastic way for us to bring to your attention some of the young and talented stars in the entertainment industry, who we feel have the potential to go on and enjoy long and successful careers in the business. While we mainly tend to focus on the modelling industry, there are plenty of young and talented stars in every area of the entertainment industry.

We have been taking quite a long, hard look at the acting industry recently and there are so many young and talented stars coming through, beginning to make a name for themselves on the acting scene. That is why we have chosen the beautiful and talented actress Brianna Hildebrand as our One to Watch for today, as she has been very impressive in her acting career to date.

Brianna Hildebrand was probably best known for starring in the web series Annie Undocumented, while she has also appeared in the short film The Voice Inside, as well as the movies Prism, and First Girl I Loved. However, a lot of you will probably best recognise the actress from her small role in the hit comic book movie Deadpool.

At the age of just 19 years old, Brianna Hildebrand still has her whole life ahead of her and we can expect to see her in the acting industry for many more years to come. We have been impressed with what we have seen from the actress so far and we believe that she has what it takes to become a top Hollywood star in th future.


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