February 1, 2016
One to Watch: American plus-size model Whitney Wells

It was not too long ago that the modelling industry was full of stick thin women, who were encouraged to stay as thin as possible, with diets that were far from being healthy. Some of these models have admitted that they would not eat for days before a modelling gig, with others revealing how they would make themselves sick, in order to lose weight and look slimmer for their modelling jobs.

However, the past couple of years or so has seen the modelling industry going through a big change and we are now seeing more and more plus-size models coming through and making a name for themselves on the modelling scene. One of the ways for us to bring some of the most promising, up and coming plus-size models is for us to bring you them as our One to Watch, which is exactly what we have done today.

Beautiful American model Whitney Wells is a plus-size model who has been enjoying her fair share of success on the modelling scene recently and looks set to continue getting bigger and better over the coming years. Many of you will probably recognise Whitney from her modelling work with the likes of Old Navy, Torrid, Lucky Brand Jeans, Fredrick's of Hollywood, and many others.

Whitney Wells has enjoyed her rise in the modelling industry in recent years and we expect that we will see her continuing to work with plenty of the top names in the business. Whitney has a very promising future ahead of her and we look forward to seeing plenty more from her over the course of the next few years.


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