December 15, 2015
One to Watch: American plus-size model Barbara Ferreira

We haven't brought you a new One to Watch for the past few days but it does not mean we have forgotten about it. In fact, one of the main reason we took a bit of time away from it, was to have a good look around at some of the hottest young talent in the entertainment industry. What we found was a huge amount of young stars on the rise and we will be bringing them to you every day, one by one, so that you can learn about them and join us in becoming big fans.

Our One to Watch for today is the beautiful American model Barbara Ferreira, who has only been in the modelling industry for a relatively short amount of time now, but has already been receiving plenty of attention, gaining an ever-growing fanbase along the way. With more and more people looking for plus-size models, rather than the stick thin girls we have become used to, Barbara has a very promising and exciting future ahead of her.

Despite the fact Barbara Ferreira is still in her teens, she has already shown a great deal of maturity and professionalism and is definitely a positive role model for young girls all over the world. When it comes to her modelling career, while Barbara has landed a number of different modelling jobs, one of our favourite gigs of hers would have to be her American Apparel advertising and Petra Collins' infamous work.

Barbara Ferreira is one of those models who loves to post regular updates on social media, so be sure to head over to her official social media accounts and become a ew found fan of this stunning star. The future's bright, the future's Barbie!


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