November 14, 2012
One Direction’s Liam Payne has become immature since Danielle Peazer split

Liam Payne was always considered the sensible member of One Direction but it appears that things have changed since he split from Danielle Peazer. Now, according to his One Direction bandmates, Liam has become very immature since he became single and has been taking advantage of his new-found single status.
Zayn Malik is quoted by Sugarscape as saying, “Liam was not just the dad of the group, he was the granddad of the group. He’s become more immature. Before, he thought he was about 30.”
There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the love life of Liam Payne since he split up with dancer Danielle Peazer last month. Liam was romantically linked, on a number of occasions, to Leona Lewis and he has also been spotted leaving nightclubs with girls.
Liam Payne admitted himself that his One Direction bandmates have helped him to loosen up quite a bit since his split and it appears that he is finally enjoying his youth. It was recently revealed that One Direction will be appearing in a 3D movie, directed by Morgan Spurlock.


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