December 10, 2012
Olly Murs talks Harry Styles and Taylor Swift relationship

There has been plenty of talk in recent weeks about the relationship between One Direction’s Harry Styles and singer Taylor Swift. It has been said that the two of them had a fling earlier this year and have now rekindled that romance and have began seriously dating.
Now, former X Factor contestant and Xtra Factor host Olly Murs has spoken about the relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Olly was asked to do a snog, marry, avoid and his three celebrities were Florence Welch, Pink and Taylor Swift.
Murs was quick to state that he would have to avoid Taylor because she is dating Harry, “I would avoid Taylor Swift, because she's dating one of my friends. She's going out with Harry Styles. So, Harry...I couldn't obviously go near Taylor 'cos that's his Mrs.”
Olly Murs then went on to complete his game of snog, marry, avoid for CBS by stating that he would have to snog Florence Welch because he feels that the two of them would not be each other’s cup of tea. Which meant that he would have to marry Pink.


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